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Updated: Add header from to this forum


Because of the feedback from Lori to this task, I believe that we should add a new header to this forum. The header should be the one from The header should be made in such a way that if the one on is changed, then it should be very easy to also change the header on this forum so they are the same. If one is on the forum, then "Open tasks" in the header seen below should be in bold. If needed, I can set the width of to what you need it to be. It would be great if the tabs do not jump around when accessing the forum, but rather say in the same place.

I will create a new task, which is to remove the current forum header and place the links elsewhere. This is however a separate task.

Placing this forum inside an iframe on the main page is not an option, because it will then (to my knowledge) be impossible to make direct links to topics in the forum.

Payment: 1500 Profit Points
Deadline: 2 days from the day someone starts working on this task

Update: You can read about a possible way of solving this here.

To implement this task, please simply make a post below saying that you have started this task.

If you would like to work on another PHP task, then you can find a list of open php tasks here.
Edited April 23, 2012 2:13 pm AZOST
asked April 6, 2012 6:17 pm AZOST

I clicked on the 'here' link but it didn't show me any other PHP tasks, just this one.
Placing the header inside an ifram works?
Sorry. Typo... It should say "impossible to make direct links".
@Chris Moore
I have updated the link now. Thanks!

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I was able to extract the header from in the following way:
  • Take the html source from
  • Replace all occurrences of "/_/rsrc" with ""
  • Delete everything below this line: "

This leaves the following:

If we could just automate the steps above and insert the resulting html into every web pages that the forum software creates, then I believe we have solved this task.

This page roughly shows how it should look, though without using the IFrame used on that page.

Edited April 23, 2012 3:23 pm AZOST
roughtly -> roughly

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